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The philosophy at Great Estates Master Builders has always been "the details that make the difference."
We do a lot more than just build - we create. Understanding design as it relates to function, coupled with extensive expertise of materials, systems, and methodology allows us construct a home that is not only unique in design, detail and craftsmanship but one that fits your personality, lifestyle and budget.


Since the 1980’s GREAT ESTATES, Inc. has been in the business of constructing and renovating luxury homes and estates with passion, creativity and commitment.
Throughout the years the craftsmen at Great Estates have prided themselves in creating award winning masterpieces whose quality of design are unparalleled. Every project is architecturally unique, evolving from and reflecting the vision and taste of each client, showcasing individuality, lifestyle and spirit.

Using only the finest materials, skilled craftsmanship, and scrupulous attention to detail we will design a home that melds with your personality and centers on the way you live your life. At Great Estates our enthusiasm for perfection is manifested in the dedication and care we extend every customer who walks through our door, considering the unique needs, desires and budget of each. The founder, Richard Hubbert and his professional staff are unwavering in their commitment to originality, quality, craftsmanship and value, constructing each home to artfully mirror the distinct personality of its owner.


We believe that a master builder is not only the manager of the construction process but is duly skilled in the art of building, and this unique combination distinguishes Great Estates from everyone else.

Our skilled craftsmen not only have superb construction skills but also understand design and how it relates to functionality, practicality and implementation, producing homes that are exclusively spectacular as well as exceptionally functional.

We can assist you through every aspect of the building experience including space planning, furniture placement and layout, and lighting design. Our designers can also help you make interior and exterior material selections to obtain the fit and finish for every room, any theme or any style you desire. We are acutely aware that your home is a celebration of who you are, a reflection of your personality, your tastes and your achievements…it's where your heart is.

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